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The following is a list of links that are selected for their informational value. If you have a favorite site that you would like added to this list please CLICK HERE. Sites will be checked for suitability and added in as timely a manner as possible. Thank You.

The Boer and Me
This is a very comprehensive site covering all aspects of the meat goat industry.

Onion Creek Ranch
This site concerns the myotonic goat in the meat industry. It also has valuable information and links.

Breeds of Livestock
This site is from the Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science. from it you can access all breeds of goat from around the world as well as other livestock including sheep.

Hilltop ranch
A very nice site showcasing Hilltop Boer Goats. You will also find many informational links within the site as well as to other info.

American Meat Goat Association
This site has invaluable information for the meat goat producer.

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