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The following letter was sent to all members of the HMGPA. It was not an easy decision to make for any of the board but was one that we thought needed to be made. Hopefully, as stated by Lynne, we will be able to get restarted again in the near future.
I have decided to make the for sale page open to the public as I feel that this may help in some small way. Please don't hesitate to use it or tell your friends about it.
Thank you and keep in touch!! -Jay & Cyndy Lovelady, BOERdom Acres.

July 13.2002
Dear Fellow Goat Producer,
The Board of Heartland Meat Goat Producers has decided to disband the group due to lack of interest. We are returning your 2003 dues with regret. I am unable to manage the newsletter alone and no one has come forward in that department. There doesn?t seem to be any interest in a commitment to serve as an officer, or to work on meetings/programs and marketing. An organization is only as strong as its members? commitment and those of us who began the organization have been working largely alone since the beginning.
Jay and Cyndy Lovelady will continue to host the web site and we urge those of you who are interested to check the site for news and sale possibilities. Jay will continue to monitor the site as long as the site is used. We owe him a big THANK YOU for doing this work for us.
We will also keep the yahoo list as long as it seems useful. We believe that contact between producers is very important and will continue to work with you all in whatever way we can. Please don?t hesitate to call/write/e-mail with questions and suggestions. Hopefully as the goat meat industry progresses others will see the need for organization and the group can become official again. We believe that more can be accomplished by working together to promote our industry.
Best wishes in your meat goat endeavors. KEEP IN TOUCH!
Lynne Moos, Secretary/Treasurer
Heartland Meat Goat Producers Association

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