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HMGPA decides to "back up and regroup"

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What is the HMPGA?

The Heartland Meat Goat producers was created in November of 2000 by a small group of breeders and others interested in the future of the Meat Goat in the upper Midwest. It was the concensus of this group that an association should be formed to represent meat goat producers as a unified entity.

What the HMGPA is all about

The association would like to assist the production in the upper Midwest by:

**Educating the public about the role and uses of meat goats in agriculture
**Promoting responsible use of grazing land
**Exploring long term markets in the region for goat products
**Encouraging and facilitate direct marketing by the producer
**Promoting goat meat by helping in the development of high quality, lean products
**Promoting and encourage Meat goats in livestock shows with special emphasis on 4-H and FFA
**Providing educational opportunities in the areas of husbandry, profit and management
**Encouraging research, both public and private
**Exploring co-operative marketing options

The HMGPA Creed

To promote the use of goat meat by educating the consumer, creating new markets, promoting uniformity in carcass qualities, development of improved management, and creation of comradery between those interested in all aspects of meat goats.

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